What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal details to commit a crime such as: 

  • opening a bank account
  • spending your money
  • applying for a loan
  • applying for identity documents in your name, e.g. passport. 

It can make it difficult for you to access and manage your money.

What to do if it happens to you

Identity theft can be hard to spot until after it's happened. You might get bills for things you haven't bought, or letters chasing debts that aren't yours.

You can report the theft to Action Fraud, the UK's online fraud report service. You'll be given a crime reference number for your case, and get advice on what to do next.

If it involves your credit or debit card or your bank account, you should let your bank know as soon as possible.

If you're in danger in any way, call 999.