What counts as anti-social behaviour?

This term describes the issues that can make people's lives very difficult. It could be:

  • noise
  • littering
  • being drunk in public
  • vandalism
  • aggressive dogs

These issues can grow into serious problems, making it stressful for anyone affected by them. You can help yourself by keeping a record of what's happened.

Is it a crime?

Only some anti-social behaviour is considered a crime. 

Your local council will be able to help with issues like noise, abandoned cars and fly tipping.

If you feel threatened, you should report the incident to the police.

Getting support

Whether it's a crime or not, you can still get practical and emotional support. Enter your postcode in the box of this page to find help in your area.

What happens after you report it

The police and local organisations have a number of things they can do. They can:

  • issue on the spot fines
  • get a court order to close a business down
  • agree an Acceptable Behaviour Contract with an individual, and give them the support they need to stick to it.