Getting help fast

A physical attack or a threat to hurt you are both considered crimes.

  • If an attack is taking place or has just happened, call 999
  • If it's not an emergency, you can report a crime on 101, online or at a police station
  • If you need medical help but it's not an emergency, call 111

A physical attack could also be:

Getting help to recover

Being attacked can be very frightening. You might find it hard to get back on your feet emotionally, physically and practically.

There are a lot of organisations that can support you if you’ve been attacked or threatened. Find support near you.

After reporting an attack

If you've been seriously hurt or are a victim of attempted murder, you'll be entitled to extra support from organisations like the police, courts and victim services. That could include:

  • getting a specialist support service to contact you
  • referring you to someone who can help you recover, through counselling or therapy
  • being given information about special measures that could help you give evidence in court

You can see everything you're entitled to in the Victims' Code. This is a government document that sets out the information and support you should get from public services.