There are support teams across England and Wales who help victims and witnesses recover after a crime.

Local support is free, even if the crime hasn’t been reported to the police.

If you’re not in England or Wales

You can find support in:

If a crime’s happened overseas and you’re still abroad you can find advice on GOV.UK. You can also get support from your local services when you return home.

How the team can help

Your local team can help you get your life back on track by offering you personal support and advice on issues including:

  • mental and physical health
  • drug or alcohol problems
  • finances, benefits and supporting your family
  • shelter and accommodation
  • education, skills and employment

If needed, they can arrange for you to have:

  • emotional support
  • counselling
  • somewhere safe to stay
  • someone to represent you, who’ll make sure you get all the help you need