The sudden, violent loss of a close relative can be hard to cope with, and it often brings practical problems too. 

If they were a victim of murder or manslaughter

The police will appoint a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) to investigate the crime and support you and your family. With your permission, they’ll also refer you to the National Homicide Service which can arrange:

  • immediate help, such as arranging the funeral
  • counselling
  • specialist support, such as debt counselling or housing advice
  • support from people who’ve been through the same experience
  • legal advice

If they were a victim of a road crime

The police will give you an information pack and put you in touch with Brake, the national road safety charity. 

You can call their helpline direct on 0808 8000 401.

Extra support through the criminal process

You’ll be entitled to support from organisations like the police and courts as set out in the Victims’ Code. That means you can:

  • make a Victim Personal Statement so that the court understands how the crime has affected you
  • be kept informed about what’s happening with the suspect within 1 working day of a decision being made
  • meet the lawyer from the Crown Prosecution Service before and after the case is presented in court
  • join the Victim Contact Scheme, if the offender goes to prison for 12 months or more